Gabriel Institute

The Gabriel Institute was founded after our St. Bernard friend Gabe gave us a dramatic introduction to canine osteosarcoma in January of 2007. Research to determine the best available treatment led to the realization that our 38 years of experience in designing and manufacturing components for delivering, sampling, and detecting trace components could be applied to devising equipment for localizing the delivery of concentrations of chemotherapeutic, radiochemical, and radiation therapies.

The purpose of the institute is to initiate and support research in the hope of finding a cure for bone cancer. Also, in honor and recognition of the extraordinary dedication of search-and-rescue, assistance, and police dogs, we are ready to assist service dogs diagnosed with osteosarcoma by making it possible for them to receive cutting-edge therapies.

Over 10,000 dogs succumb to osteosarcoma each year. It is our hope that the tools and knowledge we develop in trying to prolong the comfort and lives of our pets will ultimately benefit the 400 children in the U.S. that are diagnosed with this vicious disease every year. Toward this end, many of Gabriel's friends are already participating in the activities of the Jori Zemel Foundation.

The Gabriel Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation