The need in our community is great and we welcome new members and their dogs!
  1. 1. Dog Criteria
    Therapy pets visit nursing homes and hospitals so it is important that the dogs are friendly to everyone (including other dogs), be comfortable on or off a leash, and be in good health.
  2. 2. Registration Form
    Download the volunteer registration form here. You can fill it out online and email it to us or print it out and send it in.
  3. 3. Health Records Form
    Download the annual health records form which is required for registration and renewal. Fill it out and send it back to us!
  4. 4. Pet Handler Evaluation
    Once the paperwork is complete, we will schedule an evaluation which is a test visit at one of out weekly facilities.
  5. 5. Visit our Facilities
    If the evaluation is successful, we will invite you and your dog to visit at the other facilities.
  6. 6. Start Visits!
    Once we are confident in your therapy team, we will clear you to visit unaccompanied.
Download the
Registration form
Download the health
records form